A new social media app exclusively for college students.

An all-in-one social platform to enhance your college experience!

Available now on the iOS App Store for
select beta testing!

Social media for college students

We're creating a platform of students across 4000+ colleges to help you
have the best college experience you can possibly obtain through Pyoopl.

Currently, the app is available for for select colleges for iOS mobile devices! Install the app from the iOS App store and sign up with your college .edu email to get started.

Now, it's easier than ever to conveniently discover people that attend your college! Use the message feature to start chatting directly or in a group chat!

Capture your college experiences and share them
with your peers on your profile! Use the linkit feature to share your friends' posts, events, and trades!

Find & create parties, sporting events, concerts, night life, and more at your college! Stay plugged in with what's going on your campus.

Enhance your college experience

Pyoopl's all-in-one platform helps power your college experiences like no app has ever done with our student-exclusive features!



Find or create events going on near you at your college campus!



Use our student-exclusive marketplace to make it easier for you to find what you need to live your best college life!



Find internships and jobs that's best for you through our Careers portal!

(coming soon!)



Match with fellow students to study with or find a tutor to aid you in your studies!

(coming soon!)



Create custom groups with your friends, peers, clubs, and more!

(coming soon!)



Find housing through our portal exclusive to college students!

(coming soon!)

Trade, buy, or sell books, electronics, clothes, and more!
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